About Us

Dubbo Turf Club

Class leading racing and training facilities and a renewed vision and plan for upgrading our spacious and picturesque hospitality areas, the Dubbo Turf Club continues to innovate country racing and serves as the preeminent racing hub in Western NSW.

The Dubbo Turf Club hosts 17 race meetings per year, including the prestigious Dubbo Gold Cup, Queen of the West, Silver Goblet, Derby Day/Golden Eagle Day, and Melbourne Cup/Big Dance Day meetings.

With over 150 horses trained on-course, the Dubbo Turf Club also attracts runners from across regional NSW and prominent Metropolitan and Provincial stables, resulting in the Club having the highest average field size of any regional NSW racecourse in the past two years.

Our Team

  • General Manager: Sam Fitzgerald
  • Racecourse Manager: Damien Johnston
  • Racecourse Management & Development: Josh Toole
  • Accounts & Administration Officer: Claudia Morrison
  • Events Coordinator: Stacey Clark
  • Accounts & Bookkeeping: Tracy Blackburn
  • Race Day Secretary: Ronnie Lew
  • Marketing: Thorough Media Co


  • President: John De Lyall
  • Vice President: Tim Cullenward
  • Secretary: Sam Fitzgerald
  • Treasurer: Andrew Single
  • Member: Monica Bellotti
  • Member: David Ringland
  • Member: Ben Walker
  • Member: Chris Davis
  • Member: Damien Mahon
  • Member: Lachlan Cusack
  • Member: Roy Grady
  • Member: Sarah Masonwells

The Racecourse

Dubbo Racecourse offers a spacious 2000m course proper and a 410m home straight which affords every horse an opportunity to obtain a competitive racing position and a chance at winning.

The Dubbo Turf Club undertook a significant renovation of the track’s drainage profile in 2017, which has resulted in the racing surface becoming one of the best wet-weather tracks in regional New South Wales.

Along with weekly gallops on the course proper, the Club offers two dedicated training tracks, with each serving a specific purpose for conditioning horses at varying stages of their racing preparation.

The 1700m Stabilizer Gold track is the Club’s primary fast work track and uses a mixture of sand and a synthetic material, which bind together with water to create a consistent galloping surface.

The second track is a 600m all-sand surface, which enables horses to be slow work prior to fast work or during the crucial early stages of conditioning.  

House Policy

The Dubbo Turf Club, in the interests of its patrons and the community, promotes the responsible service of alcohol. In accordance with this strategy, we have adopted the following policy.

The Policy outlines a code of conduct that we ask all patrons to abide by.

It is designed to enable all of our patrons to relax in the atmosphere of the Dubbo Turf Club without infringing upon each other’s or the community’s enjoyment.

Dress Regulations

  • A clean, neat and tidy appearance is required at all times.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Thongs or singlets are not permitted in the Members area.


  • 'Intoxicated persons' are not permitted by law to be served on these premises and will be asked to leave.
  • Indecent, violent, or quarrelsome conduct will not be tolerated for any reason.
  • Vandalism in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Please consider other patrons and the local community when on or leaving the premises and avoid any excessive noise or disturbance.
  • Under Legislation, it is unlawful to carry alcohol into or away from the City of Dubbo Turf Club racecourse.
  • All liquor to be opened (seal broken) by bar staff.


  • Prohibited drugs will not be tolerated on the premises.
  • Patrons under the influence of prohibited drugs are not welcome.


  • Patrons must produce valid identification upon request by any staff member.
  • Children under the age of 18 are permitted in bars on the racecourse only if they are in the company and immediate presence of a ‘responsible adult’.
  • Parents are asked to closely supervise their children when on the premises.

Safe Transport

  • Management and staff wish to encourage safe transport options. We will be happy to call a taxi for any persons requiring one.

Liquor Licence Details

  • Licence No: LIQO624012491
  • Licence Name: City of Dubbo Turf Club
  • Licence Type: Liquor – on-premises licence
  • Business Type: Racing Facility
  • Manager: Mr. Samuel Fitzgerald