SUNDAY          25th March 2018, TAB           The Milestone Hotel Ladies Day incorporating                                                                                   WRA Country Championships

FRIDAY            27th April 2018, TAB              RSL Club Resort Race Day

SUNDAY          6th May 2018, TAB                 Lifeline Boys Day Out'

MONDAY        28th May 2018, TAB

FRIDAY            15th June 2018, TAB                Chamber of Commerce Race Day

SATURDAY      7th July 2018, TAB                   Punters Classic Saturday Race Day

FRIDAY            20th July2018, TAB                  

MONDAY        27th August 2018, TAB             

SUNDAY          16th September, 2018, TAB       Dubbo City Toyota Gold Cup Race Day

FRIDAY            28th September 2018, TAB              

SATURDAY      3rd November 2018, TAB          hit 93.5 Derby Day

TUESDAY        6th November 2018, TAB           Daily Liberal Melbourne Cup Day

TUESDAY        20th November 2018, TAB          

FRIDAY            29th November 2018, TAB              

SUNDAY           3rd February 2019, TAB             Lifeline Boys Day Out Race Day

MONDAY         18th February 2019, TAB           Kennards Hire Race Day

SUNDAY           24th March 2019, TAB              The Milestone Hotel Ladies Day

FRIDAY             5th May 2019, TAB                    RSL Club Resort Race Day

MONDAY         27th May 2019, TAB              

FRIDAY            14th June 2019, TAB                  Chamber of Commerce Race Day,
                                                                              Kings Hall Silver Goblet

SUNDAY            30th June, TAB       

* All race dates have been allocated by Racing NSW however they are still subject to change.